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Why We Started With Public Health?

Many research studies have suggested that grit trumps talents that overcome barriers in growth (Allen & Lewis, 2006, Duckworth, et al 2006, Reed, L. 2017). We, however, suggest that that health is deeper than these. Without good health, most people, especially those still in developing countries cannot overcome barriers to success.

Physical health is also intertwined with mental health (Ohrnberger, 2017). Physically fit individuals will most likely create positive thinking that allows them to create opportunities despite the obstacles.

At the global level, we also experience anti-microbial epidemics. Superbugs kill an estimated 700,000 each year. If world leaders, doctors, and patients don’t take the matter seriously and work to reverse it, that number could increase to 10 million people by the year 2050. Antibiotic-resistant infections also have the potential to wreak financial havoc on the world. The economic damage inflicted by antibiotic resistance will slash between 1% and 3.8% of global domestic product by 2050. In other words, as much, if not more than, the 2008 financial crisis.

Health should be available to the public regardless of their economic, racial, or social status. We at Project Gemi views health as one of the first human rights. Good health should also be attained by anyone affordably. This is why Project Gemi has invented an affordable cure for anti-microbial epidemics (Panggabean, L.S. 2017 – patent pending). The cure is a solution we propose to be integrated with our proposal to restore health, economic, and environmental issues in our country as it is also a coconut-based all-natural substance (Please see the articles).

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