The Good Soap

The Good Soap


When we created this multi-functional soap, we thought about you - how it can cleanse you and your space. But we also think about our natural environment.


Not only that all the ingredients we use are bio-degradable, but they can also improve our water and soil's quality.


Because that is how we measure our success: when Nature who can't speak is happy, everyone is happy!


    You would love this creamy soap, thinking how easy it is to start saving the world, one wash at a time. Your hands would love it too!


    What else? Did we mention that you can get rid of the rust and burnt residue in them, too? Yes, they can!


    With the soap berry as the key ingredient, made even more functional with the proprietary blend of pure plant-based elements, all-natural & organic, sourced from sustainable plantations, blended carefully with thoughtful methods to be in harmony with the way our body and nature are authentically designed.

    This is a multifunctional soap: you can use to clean everything: your body, hair, laundry, dishes, even your teeth (when you forget to bring your tooth-paste:;)



    Tribiotics TM, Organic Soap berry,  Organic Clove.


    For Body:

    Get a scoop of this creamy soap using a big clean & dry spoon. Massage it with cicular movement in the connections between muscle-to-muscle, muscle-to-bone, and bone-to-bone. You can also use this soap for a weekly invigorating hair massage/mask. Rinse your body with warm water afterwards.

    Have a pure bliss..


    For Laundry or Dish-Washing using a machine:

    Get a spoon-full of this creamy soap and put it in the designated compartment. 


    For Few Dishes:

    After you set aside most food waste to the dust bin, put a dollop of this creamy soap into a small bowl. Dilute it with a water. Get a brush (with handle)  and dip it into the soapy water, then brush each dish with it. Use your hand to rinse one dish at a time  in a pile of water, instead of in a running water.

    This method will save maximum amount of water. Throw the waste water to the compost pile when you are done.


    For Burnt Residue:

    Get a dollop of this soap and put it on the burnt pan. Put a bit of water to cover the burnt area. Warm the pan on a stove at 80 degree Celcius for 15 minutes. Then let it sit over-night. Use a natural brush to lift the now-softened burnt residue. 


    For Rusty Tools:

    Cover the rust with the creamy soap. For minor rust: brush the affected area using a brush with a natural britles. For majot rust: Do the smilar steps as if for a burnt residue.


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