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A Case for Democracy - Started in Our Guts! How Nature Heals Stroke?

Stroke is on the rise globally with low and middle-income countries making up an increasing proportion of the global stroke burden. Low public awareness of stroke prevention, issues with healthcare system capacity and limited financial resources pose particular challenges to campaigns in these countries.

Yet, it is also close to home.

The lethal disease, i.e. the vasculitis type, occurred to the person dearest to me, my own husband. It was a daunting experience, even though it was not supposed to surprise me because my studies on degenerative disease informed me about it (Panggabean, L.S., 2017).

Degenerative diseases are the types that are a long time in the making. It could happen in various parts of the body, depending on where the inflammation (wound) occurs. The inflammation was usually caused by synthetically-driven stress, be it physiological and psychological. When this happens repetitively, our microbiota changes in physiology and behavior, hence a change in sizes and population distribution. When there are no inflamed cells in our body, various kinds of microbes live harmoniously as there is no one is more dominant than the others. However, when a microbe (usually virus or fungi) latches on a wounded surface, it will start to mutate and change the behavior of the cells. It usually starts as a fever, manifested later as a nodule, developed into a tumor, or worse, cancer. A stroke is the worst kind of warning when the whole bodily function cannot fix itself.

Here is the story retold by himself in his journey to 100% health.

The message here is that natural remedy works, and works even better in a conducive environment where rich and democratic microbiota lives – such as those which live in the forest of tropical countries of Indonesia.

If we want to sustain hope for sustainable solutions for various kind of diseases in this world, one of the most crucial ways is to let nature strive!

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